Brian Froud


Brian Froud’s work interests and inspires me in a multitude of ways. Much care is given to even the tiniest of details and really draws me in to the pieces. I also like the way his work has a simplistic flow to it despite its complexities, and never fails to evoke emotion both from itself and the viewer. The work always holds a strong narrative aspect that I find inspiring. It’s almost as if it can tell an entire story in one image.

I’ve always loved movies he has worked on with Jim Henson like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, but not until this semester when I was watching the making of The Dark Crystal with my roommates did I decide to really look more closely into Brian Froud’s work.

There was a segment of the ‘making of’ movie for The Dark Crystal where Jim Henson introduced where he found his inspiration for the movie from. Apparently he had seen some of the works of the English illustrator Brian Froud and instantly wanted him to design the characters, backgrounds, and theme for his movie. He then based the puppets and characters for his movie off of Brian Froud’s work and concept sketches. After the success of The Dark Crystal, the two continued to work together and eventually created Labyrinth as well.

Personally, I find this artist very unique. Not only are his creature designs original and interesting but I also love the tone of the work. Mostly browns and other duller colors are used, which make it feel natural. I think this separates his work from that of other fantasy artists because it doesn’t need bright and shocking colors to give off a fantasy feel. The tone is very calming and relaxes you as it brings you into its world.


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